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Kosuke Tsumura Exhibition "RECOMBINATION"

2017 Spiral Garden



2017年5月10日(水)―21日(日) スパイラルガーデン


パズルウェアーを構成する1個のパズルピースの組み合わせ方には規則性があり、そこから生まれる造形やイメージはある程度の予測は可能です。しかし、組み合わさる事で反発しあうフックの構造によって素材の特性が引き出され想定外の形が出現します。又、写真や文字が組み合わされ思わぬ意味や複雑なイメージを浮かび上がらせる事もあります。パズルピースは絵画における立体的な絵具や言葉と言えます。硬質な材料を使用すれば彫刻です。パズルウェアーはDNAの連鎖や細胞からヒントを得たもので2009年に行われた「TOKYO FIBER09」(ミラノ・トリエンナーレ美術館)から始まります。STAP細胞の様な器が出来た事で困難なハイブリッドも可能になった事と同じ様に多様な材料やイメージを自由に組み替える事が可能なのです。必要な時に組み上げ役割を終えたら解体する。収納、移動も容易で空間に対応し常に新鮮な状況で組み立てられます。それをアートとして鑑賞するのかインテリアや衣服として使用するかは自由です。自然を克服し普遍性や永遠性、作家性を尊んできた西欧の思想とは異なり変化し時に猛威をふるう自然と共に暮らしてきた日本人の知恵と繋がっていると思います。そして、作家性からも自由になる装置でもあるのです。

There is regularity in the way of combining one puzzle piece making up puzzle wear, and it is possible to predict a certain extent to the shapes and images born from it. However, due to the structure of the hooks that repel each other by combining, the characteristics of the material are drawn out and an unexpected shape appears. Also, pictures and letters are combined to make unexpected meaning and complicated images emerge. Puzzle pieces can be said to be three-dimensional paints and words in paintings. If you use rigid materials it is sculpture. Puzzle wear starts with 'TOKYO FIBER 09' (Milan · Triennale Art Museum) which was gathered with DNA chain and cell hints in 2009. It is possible to freely rearrange a variety of materials and images just as it was possible with a difficult hybrid as a result of the STAP cell like vessels. Disassemble when you need to finish the assembly task. It is easy to store and move, it corresponds to the space and it is always assembled in fresh situation. Whether it is appreciated as art or used as interior or clothing is free. I think that it is connected with the wisdom of the Japanese who have changed living together with nature that changes and unpredictable at times, unlike the idea of ​​Western Europe that has overcome nature and respected universality, eternity, and writer nature. And it is also a device that is free from writer nature.





REART is a painting that was provided by writers and painters

Using the puzzle piece type and reconstructed in my view.









There is simultaneous presence "to wear and to take off." It's a matter of clothing

This is probably because it is not the case.

Hair makeup Takahashi tadashi, Mizutani Mitsuru recorded in the photograph.


World piece Puzzle Dress

Culture cushion Puzzle Dress

Black Lace Puzzle Dress

Organdy Puzzle Dress

Black cushion Puzzle Dress

Seating of seats

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